New Adventure

Last week a started a new Job with ZGF Cotter Architects in Vancouver, BC. This will prove to be an excellent opportunity to help a firm grow towards better BIM. With an overwhelming need for Revit training, and BIM education I had to take a step back and understand what the immediate needs are. My blog posts will start highlighting my new adventure and how I took the steps needed to bring ZGF Cotter successfully into the BIM world.

A perfect opportunity to use the ideas I published in my eBook

First step:

First: Establish a base line of knowledge, I purchased Knowledge Smart Assessment testing, this product works well when establishing users understanding and needs in Revit.

Second: While waiting for tests to be completed I walked around talking to users, and looking into the files. This allowed me to see the gabs within the project teams.

Third: This is a critical step, I need to start putting together my Syllabi to start training. I have 2 major groups in the office; Architecture, and Interior Design. I also have a wide range of Revit knowledge.

As I move through my journey I will gladly share my ideas, and documentation.

Hope you all enjoy the ride with me.

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