Time to move forward

AU 2016 Proposals submitted.

Of course I had to wait until the last day to submit, and now the waiting game starts. Having finally made it into the speaker realm at AU last year I want more. My experience was amazing and the people I meet in my class where great. Whether or not I get chosen I plan to start a blog series on these topic in the coming weeks.

BIM excites me, and the progression of BIM and the technologies is exciting. However if we want to successfully get to our Level 3 BIM Maturity we need to change the old school thought of project workflows.

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I came up with these proposals because of my transition, or awaking in 2016.

My year started with interviews, and me writing a proposal for a new role in a different firm. Coming to a new firm has given me new perspective on what my world looks like. The change has rejuvenated me. The freedom within an Architectural environment that believes in Technological advancements and understands the value of spending money to make money (in Technology), has opened my eyes to new workflow ideas. This new adventure is where I came up with my proposals, and hopefully the Autodesk people will focus on the needs for new workflow in Architecture and not just on their products.

My first proposal is on rethinking the Design process and workflow in the AEC industry. I think it’s important that industry take a step back and rethinks how the projects are delivered. more to come on that can of worms.

For my second proposal I jumped into the deep end explaining the importance of BIM Leads. No longer can the AEC industry believe they only need to hire Architects. Time to open our eyes and look for those people that can lead BIM and all its glory to the project finish line. Time to understand BIM Leads are not overhead, they are an integral part of the project.

These two topics are similar in the fact the Architecture world is changing and it’s time we all take that giant leap forward, as Henry Ford simply stated:  “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Let’s all collaborate on a BIM future and make our project better


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