It’s Monday morning time to check those Models

I usually reserve Monday’s for my Model Coordination task.  I believe the Model Coordination time is very important for projects to be successful and the BIM workflow.  This task needs to be completed while no one is in the model, and usually ends with a shake of the head and a ton of follow up training.  I can usually get my list complete within an hour for most projects.

Here’s the simple list of what I do on a weekly, and monthly basis.

  • Manage Links (checking for lost links or links from users’ desktops)
  • Check the Project Browser for ??? and organization according to standards
  • Check the number of groups and verify that no groups are just 1 instance.
  • Review the families loaded in the project, looking for families with the .00x.rfa extention, or family1.rfa
  • Check Filter and View Template naming conventions
  • 3D Inspection for workset organization
  • Check that the Levels and Grids are pinned.
  • Compact the model
  • Once a month I Audit, rebuild, and compact of the model.
  • Once a month I purge the model – (Do Not Purge All, remove unused Groups, CAD files, Missed named families and images.

During my process I make a list of items that need to be re-trained or trained.  These items become my Revit Coordination training sessions.

Each project has an Excel spread sheet saved in the BIM Docs folder; the Model Coordinator then fills it out weekly.  If the model coordinator is not me I just check the document to verify it’s getting done and look see if there is any glaring issues.

My first Conference

My first official conference: 4th Reinventing Construction Project Delivery here in Vancouver BC on May 27 & 28 2015.  I’m excited to be presenting on Collaboration in the Design Process with Joe Sam at WSP Canada.

We will be discussing items such as the Project Delivery Model evolution, Project Setup, Lessons Learned and the Developments in BIM Technology.

I wanted to take a minute and explorer the Project Delivery Model Evolution.  We are all seeing the amazing technology advance for Virtual Reality glasses so we can walk around our models.  Even Augmented Reality helping us plan our campuses or find the perfect building location in the real world.

It’s exciting out there and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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