VCC presentation prep has opened my eyes to a new topic along the path to Open BIM

I will be presenting today to Junior Drafters getting ready to graduate and go into the world of AEC. I was asked to give them the bigger picture of Architecture and what to expect when the get out. As I prepared my presentation I realized this will be an important topic to share with everyone in the Architecture industry, and struggling to provide BIM.

I realized in my thoughts and preparation that in order to get our industry to Open BIM we need to change the thought process of projects. Yes I’m sure many have gone there before, but the light bulb finally came on for me. We need to flip the process 180 degrees, more time in the Design phase and less time in the documentation phase, Revit gives us the power why not use it.


Now that thought is brewing so we need to teach the clients a new pay schedule and fee structure. How can we get the industry as a whole to change the fee balance? I’ve looked at the AIA providing BIM clarification (E203-2012). I’ve looked through the National BIM Standards V2. I’ve read through the information from the UK Government BIM strategy, and any other document I could find on Implementing BIM on projects. None of them mention the change in the project process, the change in deadlines and fee disbursement.

I believe this lack of documenting the change in the project workflow, in regards to phases, and fee disbursement, is a failing on our part to reach Open BIM.

I think I have found a proposal for AU this year, this is an idea that needs to populate through the industry and be explained to clients. As long as we struggle with the software and ignore the process we will continue to struggle in our Open BIM realization, or even just our ability to fully utilize the BIM process and technologies.

Deep Friday Thoughts

Hello all and Happy Friday, time for a BIM thought….

I am on the mailing list for the LEAN Construction Project Delivery Methods – Job Order contracting, IPD, 5D BIM. This morning I received an email for a new post, I felt this post shows the issues we are all having with BIM in our industry… owner education!


Please take a look it’s very interesting to see how far we have yet to go in the client relationship and education of BIM. I think I just had an idea for my AU 2016 proposal.

Have a great weekend.

New Adventure

Last week a started a new Job with ZGF Cotter Architects in Vancouver, BC. This will prove to be an excellent opportunity to help a firm grow towards better BIM. With an overwhelming need for Revit training, and BIM education I had to take a step back and understand what the immediate needs are. My blog posts will start highlighting my new adventure and how I took the steps needed to bring ZGF Cotter successfully into the BIM world.

A perfect opportunity to use the ideas I published in my eBook

First step:

First: Establish a base line of knowledge, I purchased Knowledge Smart Assessment testing, this product works well when establishing users understanding and needs in Revit.

Second: While waiting for tests to be completed I walked around talking to users, and looking into the files. This allowed me to see the gabs within the project teams.

Third: This is a critical step, I need to start putting together my Syllabi to start training. I have 2 major groups in the office; Architecture, and Interior Design. I also have a wide range of Revit knowledge.

As I move through my journey I will gladly share my ideas, and documentation.

Hope you all enjoy the ride with me.


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