Presentation at the @PDXrug thanks to @Ideateinc. 

Drove down to Portland last weekend so I could share the knowledge at the Portland Revit User Group.  Had a pretty good turn out and some great questions.  One of the questions I thought would be good to focus on for the blog this week.

“Sum up selling BIM to a client in 30 seconds”

I like this question, and I don’t think I really answered it to my satisfaction – sorry for that.  So now that it’s been a week let me try again.

In the meeting with your client you want to prove to them the power of the process, and that your firm can provide the services needed to effectively use this process.  So the client asks you “Why do I need to use BIM?”  Your answer can be short and to the point.

The BIM Process will help all of your company’s projects by providing a smarter way to build and design.  BIM can give you the ability to see the construction and correct any faults before the contractor breaks ground.  You can improve your construction time getting the building done months ahead of time.  Create sustainable buildings with energy and cost savings, make your building work for you.  BIM will help lead you to the future of buildings and the built environment.

There I feel better about that answer J

Now I really want to thank all of you from the PDXrug that have reached out to me with kind words and for my material.  Gives me great pride that I can help fellow BIM lovers.

Until next time Portland

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